About us

I have lived on Vancouver Island for over 30 years and absolutely LOVE where I live…the ocean, mountains, scenery and the people are like no other. West Coast is most defiantly the Best Coast.

I like most, worked the 50 to 60 hour work week for most of my adult life, and while I loved everything I did and who I worked with, I felt like I needed to do more, be more creative, enjoy life more, spend more time with family and basically just be more…that is where West Coast Clicks Photo booths came in.

I had rented and worked with many photo booth companies in the past, both personally and professionally, and they were honestly ALWAYS the hit of any party. The belly laughs, big smiles and the alter egos that would come out of the shyest people always made my night. Watching the attendants interact with the guests and genuinely having the best time doing it made me wish that I had a “fun” job like that…so I started getting curious about the biz. I always loved photography and love being around fun amazing people, so once the opportunity arose, I decided that this was what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Call us at 1 (250) 327-8327

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