About us

Well, what can we say?  We like to party!  Yup, you know the kind of party I'm talking about.  The kind of party where a group of people come together to celebrate friendship, love, a holiday, or a new baby.  Maybe there's dancing, food, wine or presents, whatever the type of party it is, we want to be invited - is that too forward?  What if I guarantee we will add an abundance of fun and unrestrained laughter?  How about we throw in some positive energy and some major good vibes?  Not to brag, but we tend to be the life of the party.  No need to be jealous though, we can share the spotlight.  After all, we're there to make YOU look good!  We have the cameras, the lighting, and the props if you need them.  Heck, we even have filters and special effects if that's more your thing.  Whatever you choose, we don't judge, and you won't regret it.  Photo Booths are a surefire way to add a little something extra to any event or party. Yes, I said it, we are "extra."

West Coast Clicks Photo Booths launched in Jan 2020, just 3 months before the Pandemic hit.  We did some events but stayed cautious and safe.  It was not an ideal time to start a new business in the event industry, but we held on and did our best.  We are so thankful to our loyal clients, event planners, and supporters who kept us busy and sane throughout these past few years.  We are very excited to be back in full force and busier than we ever thought possible.  We can't wait to meet more amazing people like YOU from around our beautiful Island who want to add a little "extra" to their event.  

Now, who's ready to PAAAARTYYY?   


~Beverly Knight

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